HGH for bodybuilding

Growth hormone effects

Although growth hormone was created to treat GH deficiency, it is highly popular in sports, especially in bodybuilding. The popularity is easy to explain – growth hormone combines 3 benefits:

  • good muscle gains
  • fat loss at the same time as gaining muscles
  • few side effects

How growth hormone influences bodybuilding performance?

HGH influence muscle and fat tissues both directly and indirectly. When growth hormone is injected subcutaneously (under skin) it rapidly gets to the bloodstream. Then, part of growth hormone binds to somatropin receptors in muscles and fat tissue.

Second, fat burning effect of HGH is caused by increase in free fatty acids (FFA) level and higher availability of fat as source of energy. Exactly potency to induce fat using for energy explains phenomenon of loosing fat without diet restriction.

Third HGH bodybuilding benefit is joints and ligaments repair.

Dosage of HGH for bodybuilding

Effective HGH bodybuilding dosage starts from 4 IUs, so 4-5 IUs is enough for your first experience. Growth hormone shows linear increase of effect due to the dosage until it exaggerates 12-15 IUs. Higher dosages are needed only if you are more than 100 kg of lean mass or performing bodybuilding professionally (these features usually coincide).

When should I inject HGH?

Growth hormone shows the highest fat burning efficiency, when your blood sugar and insulin is low. It is because insulin and growth hormone have antagonistic effects on fat tissue.

So, the best time for injection is morning, exactly after you wake up fasting. Then, if you perform cutting, you should do cardio. It will be extremely efficient, because HGH increase FFA level and intense aerobic will take energy exactly from fat.

Second injection should be after 5-6 hours after the first. Some people advice to do it after 3 hours, but it isn’t correct. Although HGH destroys within 3-4 hours, IGF level is still very high for the next 6-8 hours.

Both injections should be equal in quantity.


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