What Every Man Should Know About HCG

HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) is produced by human placenta, sterile product derived from urine of pregnant females. Recombinant DNA formulas are produced by pharmaceutical companies and compounding pharmacies.

• In men HCG mimics LH from pituitary to stimulate Leydig cells of testes to produce testosterone.

• It can have an additive effect to testosterone replacement therapy’s ( TRT) increases in estradiol, hematocrit and/or acne

• Normal lyophilized vial contains 5,000 or 11,000 units HCG by compounding pharmacies (commercial products cost 3X compounding). The vial is sent with bacteriostatic water for reconstitution.

• Used by fertility specialists to induce ovulation to harvest eggs, and sperm production.

• Latest data show that men on TRT + HCG were able to remain fertile. (TRT + 500 IU HCG every other day)

• Usual dose of 350-500 IU two times a week for prevention/reversal of testicular atrophy. No data have been published on this use.

• Anecdotal effect on raising sex drive in men. No data.

• HCG acts as a Leydig cell stimulator and cell volumizer. Testicles regain size but do not grow beyond baseline size.

• Continuous testosterone can reduce fertility in over 50% of TRT users and testicular size by 10-30 % . HCG may reverse those two issues.

• Noticeable testicular size reduction can be a more common complaints in men with smaller testicular size at baseline. May not be important to some older men or men not worried about fertility.

• HCG may be used in patients who have abused steroids for 6-8 weeks before clomiphene to attempt to accelerate natural production of testosterone.

• May be used in younger males as sole method of testosterone treatment with secondary hypogonadism. All men respond differently to HCG in ability to boost T production by testes. Expensive as monotherapy and frequently used with testosterone replacement since that combination may be more cost effective in normalizing testosterone and fertility.

. HCG may reactivate upstream hormones like pregnenolone and progesterone that are shut down by testosterone replacement therapy.

• HCG may not work well in some men who have primary hypogonadism, i.e. dysfunction of the Leydig cells in the testes.

10vials/kit, 5000iu/vial

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