Cloudy Steroid Juice

Possibilities of cloudy steroid juice

1.Water mixed with the ingrediants from using a water bath to heat during the brewing process might cause cloudiness.

2.Part of the hormone doesn’t dissolve totally.That’s why stir is necessary while brewing.

3.Issue of the ratio of BA / BB ,the scale do not work well ,this can’t be ignored.Though these might be rarely happen ,but it is possible .Since we are human ,and human make mistake.

4.Low room temperature or big temperature difference soon after brewing it.Do not put the oil you just brewed in the fridge .Let it set in room temperature for at lest 24 hours.

5.the quality of the filter that used. Some filter would be partially dissolve with BA/BB and when it mixed with the oil ,it cause cloudiness .And it couldn’t be resolved by heating.


1.Keep the temperature stable ,especially for fresh made batches.Use good quality filter.Be more careful if you use water batch brewing method.

2.Heat the products a little ,sometimes it turns clear.Even it turns cloudy again ,it means the oil is good and can be used.

3.Reheat it to a temperature about 200f, hold this temperature for 10-15 minutes stirring gently. This method would be useful if cloudiness cause by the stream.

4.Add a tiny EO if cloudiness caused by partial undissolved hormones.


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