Dianabol results, what will you gain?

For those looking to embark on their first ever Dianabol cycle the question of what sort of results they will see, and how much muscle they will gain from the cycle, is common. Whilst we’ll never be able to answer precisely what results or gains a person will achieve, we can provide a rough idea of what a “typical” person could obtain from their first Dianabol cycle.

First and foremost, this guide is making the assumption that you’re new to Dianabol but have several years of training experience, are following a well regimented routine and have all your dietary needs properly covered. Dianabol – like any other steroid – is not a shortcut. Yes, you may be able to pack on a bit of muscle whilst on a cycle but you’ll be left disappointed once it ends if your training and diet is not up to scratch. The fundamentals must be in place from the outset.
With that sermon over, let’s get to it.

Typical weight gain from Dianabol

Whilst results vary greatly from person to person, it is fairly typical for someone to gain somewhere in the region of 7-14lbs whilst on a four week Dianabol cycle, dosed at 30-35mg each day. Greater weight gain is not uncommon, but is often accompanied with excessive fat and water gain rather additional muscle, except for the lucky (albeit rare) “hyper-responders” among us.

To be clear, this is the weight gained during the cycle. Dianabol is well known for its water retention properties – in other words, users typically carry excess water during a cycle which can give a “puffy” or smooth appearance to a physique. The water retention will quickly subside once the cycle is completed.
Apart from the psychological boost often experienced from this rapid gain in body mass, the water retention can also be beneficial by helping to prevent joint soreness or irritation during the heavy training loads often used during a bulking cycle.

End results, post cycle

Again, this varies from person to person. From my experience in gyms and trusted members on online communities it is fairly common to retain around half the weight gained during the cycle, post cycle. This means it is typical to gain somewhere in the region of 4-7lbs from a Dianabol cycle, once the cycle is over and the water retention has cleared.

Your ability to retain the gains made during the cycle will be maximised if you continue to follow an effective and intense training program, suitable diet (with sufficient calories – remember your calorie requirements will have been increased from the extra muscle mass) and a proper post cycle therapy is implemented so your natural testosterone production is brought back to par as soon as possible.
With all the above said, no-one could possibly precisely predict what anyone would gain from their first Dianabol cycle as everyone responds differently. Hopefully the above offers some insight to what could be expected, although I must again stress that it comes with the usual caveat that the fundamentals must be in place before you embark on a Dianabol cycle.


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