Boost Your Testosterone Levels Naturally

More muscle mass, lower body fat and sturdy bones are some of the most visible indicators of higher testosterone levels. If you are fat around the waist, have weak muscles and bones, then your t-levels are low and you should be doing something about it ASAP!

Understanding Testosterone


Testosterone or T is not only about bulging muscles and impeccable athletic performance. Optimum T-Levels guarantee better sex drive, sharp memory and better attentiveness. In short, you’ll feel better at every aspect of your life. On the other hand, dipping T-levels can wreak havoc on your health. Also, keep in mind that injecting high dosage of synthetic T (common athletic steroid) can leave you physically and mentally impaired for life. The body produces enough T to get you in the best shape of your life. All you have got to do is to train right.

Train Right, Train Hard
The best natural T is produced by working out. No, running for hours or beating yourself to death on the elliptical won’t cut it. You need to LIFT weights! Here’s how:

1) Compound Movements With Heavy Weights

Compound Movements With Heavy Weights

Compound moves engage a lot of muscle groups at once and exert intense metabolic pressure on the body. In short, the best way to boost testosterone! Deadlifts, Clean and jerks, barbell thrusters, load carry and burpees are some of the best compound moves you can do. Caution: lift only as heavy as your body can.

2) Maximize The Number Of Reps

Maximize The Number Of Reps.jpg
After heavy load comes volume training. Do more number of repetitions per set. For example, five sets of five repetitions is okay but eight to ten repetitions would boost your T levels even more. But don’t go overboard either. Keep the sets smaller and reps on the higher end.

3) Keep The Intensity High

Keep The Intensity High
The higher the intensity the better the testosterone spikes. While you jack up the weight and the reps, keep in mind you are going at a considerably fast pace. Lift heavy with correct form and keep the rest intervals as short as possible. High intensity strains your body and pushes the muscle to grow.



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