ABS Exercises

The abdominals are a stubborn muscle to train; moreover, due to the quick build up of lactic acid (burning feeling) during the exercises, most people avoid training them. It will be noted that all areas of the abdominal area must be trained to achieve fully developed the abs. The upper abs, lower abs, and middle abs along with the obliques must all be trained with various exercises.

Boost Your Testosterone Levels Naturally

More muscle mass, lower body fat and sturdy bones are some of the most visible indicators of higher testosterone levels. If you are fat around the waist, have weak muscles and bones, then your t-levels are low and you should be doing something about it ASAP! Understanding Testosterone Testosterone or T is not only about … Continue reading Boost Your Testosterone Levels Naturally

Solid Cycles for Different Goals!

Now before I get started, I have to emphasize that your diet is the key to achieving your goals. All cycles can be turned into a bulking cycle or cutting depending on your food consumption. *Clomid therapy: 300mg day 1, 100mg next 10, 50mg final 10. Solid first cycle Week 1 to 10: 400mg of … Continue reading Solid Cycles for Different Goals!

Steroid Acne Treatment & Prevention

One of the most commonly reported side effects associated with the use of anabolics is steroid acne. Fortunately, you can take some steps to minimize oily skin and the development of blemishes both during and after your anabolic steroid cycles. Consider Your Genetics. The acne caused by steroids is an androgenic effect, much like the … Continue reading Steroid Acne Treatment & Prevention

16 Ways to Fight Gynecomastia

Steroid induced gynecomastia (gyno )is very common in the society because usage of anabolic steroids is increasing. Many reasons could cause gyno in men, Hormonal change is the main reason for gyno during puberty. Excessive alcohol is another reason. However, the main cause for fat male boobs in bodybuilders is steroid usage. Symptoms of Gynecomastia … Continue reading 16 Ways to Fight Gynecomastia


Knowing the muscles you’re about to work on can be extremely beneficial. Next to the legs, the back contains the highest concentration of muscles in the body and for good reason. The back supports the function and movement of all of your limbs and has a wide range of jobs that it needs to perform … Continue reading TOP 5 EXERCISES FOR INCREASING BACK MUSCLES